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“Why Hire just one Guide, When You Can Hire a Team of World Class Guides and Only Pay for one!”

About Florida Peacock BassWho Is Florida Peacock Bass?

FlPeacockBass.com was founded by native Floridians with over 500 combined years of experience fishing on the waters of Florida. We specialize in freshwater fishing, but understands the base of its success has to support conservation for future anglers. True success begins with charity, we provide a platform for charity events that is second to none. Matter fact we will go on record that we have raised MORE money for charity than anyone in the fishing industry.
We continue to bring corporate and synergistic partners together, by assisting in supporting the world’s largest fishing industry, “Florida’s freshwater fishing”. We develope and markets to a platform between the anglers within the freshwater fishing arena through its guide services. We offer and support professional fishing events, internet marketing, TV and radio appearances. It has become Florida’s connection to all fishing marketing opportunities and events on a local and statewide basis in the fishing industry!
Our definition of a great fishing guide is, “a great fishing guide makes a good day out of really bad day of fishing.” We cannot always predict a bad day of fishing, but we can control the outcome of every day. We guarantee it by being the industries FIRST to offer the NO FISH, NO PAY policy. Simply put, you don’t catch a fish while fishing with us, you don’t pay!
We have the largest group of professional fishing guides there is. “period” in one state, while many companies try to follow our model…they fail because they are just booking services. Majority of our fishing guides have been with the company for more than 10 years..and work nowhere else. This is why without a doubt we can keep the BEST of the BEST. Our motto is, we like to put you where the fish are today, not where they were last week, last month or last year. “Why Hire a just one Guide, When You Can Hire a Team of World Class Guides”
To Over 20,000k customers and counting, again a number of success that many cannot claim.
We have caught and documented over “8000” peacock bass that were between 2lbs and 8 lbs. Again proof is in the pictures, visit our Facebook and photo album where we have over 10,000 pictures of fish caught!
Unlike any other our guide service we fish over 20+ different locations for the species of peacock bass, so something is always biting and we will find it. Not to mention, we have access to private peacock bass lakes that NO other service does!

Meet Our Team

Todd Kersey
Todd KerseyGM
Todd a NATIVE to Florida with passion for all things involving the Outdoors. He’s dedicated his career to the Industry, Conservation and clarity. Todd fishes for leisure and likes traveling during time off.
Lori Lupton
Lori LuptonDirector of Sales
Lori an author, angler, manager and fishing machine. She grew up in North Carolina and has a passion for all things involving the outdoors. She loves fishing and boating and wants to make sure you do too.
Amy Cipriano
Amy CiprianoReservations
Amy is the bomb….lol…Also referred to as the booking bug. Guaranteed to make your fishing experience a great one, she will hook you up and have fun while you’re doing it!