Adding A Link

Link exchange has become more challenging than ever. And why link exchange is important as ever the process has changed. We will gladly work with anyone that is relevant to our industry, whether it is your site in the outdoor industry, marina, travel, or travel blogger. No, we do not accept porn sites, gambling sites, or sites that just have no value to our site. So before you shoot an email, hoping for a link exchange, read the rest of this. If you feel like you fit into our box, fill out the form below, and we look forward to working with you.

Adding your link to our website! However, we require that you have our link on your website BEFORE you submit your link to us so we can verify. If you have not added our link to your website, please do that first, then come back and add your link to our website. Your reciprocal link will be checked; if your website is brand new, we will not link to you. If your traffic has tanked recently, we will not link to you. If our link is not on your site, your submission will be deleted, and you will have to resubmit.

Suppose you wish to submit a blog with your site’s links in it. Place add the blog’s content topic and the website URL you want to link back to in the comment section of the form below.

In today’s exchange of linking, the link needs to make sense; it’s not much more complicated than that. If you have a blog or page that has content relevant to ours, and makes sense for both parties to exchange links because, in the end, the customer will get a better experience. Then fill out the form below, and we look forward to working with you!



Consideration for Linking

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