Aerojet Canal Florida Fishing

What to Expect: World Renowned GameFish

Aerojet Canal Peacock Bass Fishery is renowned for some of the most exciting fishing charters on the canals of South East Florida. The angler reports canal intersections and lateral canals are loaded with undesirable exotic fishes along the endless shoreline vegetation. It’s also great to get a freshwater grand slam – catch for butterfly peacocks and largemouth bass.

The Aerojet Canal butterfly peacock is a world-renowned game fish introduced by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to eat undesirable exotic fish. Lauderdale Region. Falling trees or canal crossings are usually productive places to scout and catch fish.

eat undesirable exotic fishes at Aerojet Canal for butterfly peacock bass to Florida fishAll About Fishing in Aerojet Canal Number C-111, FL

Aerojet Canal Number C111 offers excellent freshwater fishing options for largemouth fish, butterflies, peacocks, and blackflies in the area. Anglers can find breams, gars, oscars, snooks, crevalle jack, red snapper, and tilapia in and near the Aerojet Canal.

Because canal waters have meager flow rates, bass may grow in large quantities. It is easy to fish at the canal because of the lack of noise in this area. The A-111 offers many boat ramps and launch areas, although the angler may continue to take a boating trip to the shore of the riverbank.

Fishing Seasonality

Please check the local fishing rules before going on a fishing expedition on Aerojet Canal C-111. It is essential to check weather forecasts as there is no cover or place to get out of the rain.

Aerojet Canal and Airport lakesTwo Main Species

Bigmouth Bass fishing generally occurs during the winter months in cold water. Fish early in the morning, later in the evenings, and sometimes in summer.

Butterfly peacock bass is primarily aimed from March to July. However, anglers can catch it throughout the year. This fish is usually fed in daylight and often nearshore when this is happening.

How do you fish in Miami canals?

The waters in Miami Aerojet Canal are generally stained or murky; therefore, lures containing flash and vibratory effects are more natural for bass. Jigs and some soft plastic bait can be helpful, especially for fish that go deeper than usual during midday.

The ledges of the Miami Aerojet canal do hold a lot of undesirable exotic fishes, which is why this can be a pain if focused on largemouth or peacock bass. But on a positive note, you can eat undesirable exotic fishes, which most taste great and have no limits.

Butterfly peacock in fallen trees and pump structures called c-111Can you catch peacock bass in the Florida Keys?

Peacock Bass flourish in the South Miami Homestead area called Aerojet Canal just north of Key Largo. You can catch butterfly peacock bass, largemouth bass, tarpon, and other excellent fish from anywhere in the Florida Keys.

Most anglers love the South Florida Freshwater system along the Florida Keys. The Aerojet location has sharp bends, generally productive areas for big catches!

Where is the Aerojet Canal?

The Aerojet canal fishing is just outside of Florida City; you could say about halfway between Key Largo and Florida City at a bridge in the middle of nowhere that’s called Florida Bay.

Use the map below; note that the location has no cover, restrooms, or food or water.

trip core details region for Aerojet Canal c 111What fish are in the Florida Canal?

In addition to catching snakehead fish, anglers can catch other popular Florida freshwater species, peacock bass, and largemouth bass. Bluegills, Redear Sunfished Maya, Cichlids, and Oscars are among other commonly seen fish found in Southeast Florida.

Where is the Aerojet Dade facility?

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What is Aerojet known for?

Aerojet is known for being clear water, although, at times does get off-color—a substantial population of butterfly peacock bass, largemouth bass, and snook.

It can be perfect for using lures when all the fish species are biting well, but the consistent choice for all these sport fishes is to use live bait. Overall good fishing opportunities for anyone stuck in the Florida Keys and looking for a fishing trip for butterfly peacock bass.