Miami Airport Lakes Fishing

Are you flying into Miami International Airport during your next visit to South Florida? When you arrive, you can have the chance at experiencing a legendary peacock bass fishing trip on Miami Airport Lakes. Within minutes, you can be on the water in search of trophy peacock bass with our local reliable guides.

The fishery has deep, clear water allowing the peacock bass to grow large. If you are looking for a trophy peacock bass fishing trip, the Miami Airport Lakes is one of the best locations to do so. Large structures, including bridges, docks, seawalls, and more retain heat and draw the big largemouth bass too.

Your guide will provide all the essential knowledge to get you on the fish to remember. This location does require a Florida fishing license for everyone fishing. Keep reading as we go over all the area detail!

Detail of the Area and Lakes

Located immediately south of the Miami International Airport, the chain of artificial lakes known as the Miami Airport Lakes offer some of Florida’s best peacock bass fishing.

Anglers catch loads of 2 and 3-pound peacock bass here. Many more are much more significant. A former state record weighing over 9 pounds came from this chain of lakes in the early 90s, and trophy-sized peacock bass is still possible.

The five lakes that make up this chain from east to west are Blue Lagoon Lake, Red-Shouldered Hawk Lake, Red-tailed Hawk Lake, Lake Joanne, and Lake Mahar, not including the 100’s of miles of canals.

Blue Lagoon Lake is the most prominent and easily accessible of the chain of lakes.

Antonio Maceo Park provides a boat ramp on Blue Lagoon Lake (it’s the only ramp on the Airport Lakes), which is the primary access point. This lake is linked directly to Lake Mahar via the Tamiami Canal.

The waters of the Miami Airport Lakes are deep and clear, with great fishing structures to catch peacock bass. Try casting around docks, piers, rip-rap, and bulkheads along the miles of shoreline.

There are also ample opportunities to fish the Miami Airport Lakes from shore, though most access isn’t official and posted no fishing.

Businesses and apartment complexes occupy much of the shoreline, but numerous boardwalks, sidewalks, and parking lots provide access. The canals are many residential and single-family homes.

About the Miami Airport Lakes Tours

Our experts and professional fishing guides will take you on Miami Boat Tour throughout this urban fishery for trophy peacock bass and largemouth bass. You will get the chance to fish behind beautiful homes and resorts. Each adventure provides a unique and one-of-a-kind fishing trip.

When you embark on a Miami Airport Lakes Fishing Charter, you will get the chance to catch exotic butterfly peacock bass. Florida peacock bass fishing is an exciting way to get into the outdoors and spend a day on the water in South Florida. You will also get the chance to catch largemouth bass, Mayan cichlids, freshwater snook, jack crevalle, and so much more.

Available Miami Lakes Charter Options

If you want to go Peacock Bass Fishing on Miami Airport Lakes in Florida, we offer 4, 6, 8, 9, and 12 hour fishing trips. When you climb aboard our local experts fishing vessel, you will get the opportunity to get a fully-guided fishing charter equipped with all light-tackle spinning rods and reels, conventional tackle, and fly fishing supplies along with a cooler, ice, and water.

You can rest assured that when you come out fishing with our local experts, we will be catching largemouth bass and peacock bass. Bring your friends, families, and loved ones abroad for a canal fishing adventure you will never forget in Miami, FL!

How do people dress for fishing charter?

Layers work well, though fishing can be very casual. Wear light colors; sundresses with bikini underneath are not uncommon. Khaki shorts are as cute as you get, and short pants are great when you don’t use the sun. Likewise, there is none of these “styles.” Build your wardrobe to suit any clothing code; there is no dress code, and wear comfortable shoes. Try wearing a darker color though it’s cooler.

Top Miami Fishing Captains

For more information regarding the best Peacock bass guides offer trips in South Florida, please flow this link to every peacock bass guide in South Florida!

Local Operator Information

Operator details are included as part of the confirmation email you will receive after booking your Airport Lakes fishing trip online. Each captain also has a social media link to view all their recent catch peacock bass. Guests can choose the fishing guide that feels the best for them. These are all reliable in their respective peacock bass destinations and eliminate unnecessary guesswork for you while keeping you at peace about who to choose.


Can you fish Miami Airport Lakes?

Airport Lakes is known for offering multiple species of fishery. The undesirable exotic fishes at Airport Lake offer the opportunity to catch tarpon, snook, bass, and other wildlife at the same time. Most of these Florida fish are easily caught with live bait and consider the best bait.

Can you fish in Miami Lakes Blue Lagoon?

Yes, there is access from the boat ramp for boaters, and kayakers as well. Also, ample shoreline fishing opportunities are available at Miami Lake, Florida. During the last two years, anglers reported that the boat ramp has been under construction. If is available this is the best place to access Blue Lagoon for your next fishing adventure catching largemouth bass and peacock bass.

Can you fish in Miami canals?

Yes, there are miles of canals, canal intersections, small lakes, sharp bends, and bridges for catching peacock bass in a short drive with a boat or car. If you have a boat to cruise through the canals to find Florida butterfly peacock bass.

Miami Airport lakes fishing is not the only place with canals, fishing trips in the Falls Canal will give you a similar exciting fishing adventure for your time spent. The Miami Falls Canal system has the best fishing opportunities available on the Miami Bayside near South Beach.

Miami Airport Lakes Boat Ramp

The boat ramp is located at Antonio Maceo Park, it is the only place to access Airport Lakes fishing. Operated by the Miami City Parks & Recreation Department, operations are from sunrise until sunset. This paved ramp is very well maintained and currently being remodeled. This park has benches, grills, playgrounds, and an accessible parking garage.

Once you dock your boat, know that manatees are very common animals in the lake and there is NO WAKE LAW on the Blue Lagoon lake. Take care when you go fishing and follow any published rules including getting a Florida fishing license. The ramp can be reached via the Turnpike Extension or Interstate I94 to Hwy 836. Take Highway 836 east from the Turnpike or west of I95 towards Red Road (northwestern 58th Avenue).

Once arriving at the park, it has two narrow entrances. The farthest south is the entrance gate, it’s a U-shaped parking lot with very limited parking.

Where can I park my car at Airport Lakes?

Most vehicles can be parked in Antonio Maceo Park, and vehicles with boats have designed spots but are limited with no overflow lot. Pay parking online at the moment: $15 per vehicle. Most others park on Red Road near the area that has city meter parking. If going on a charter, it’s best to use Uber or Lyft; the entrance fee does not apply.

How far is the Beach from Miami Airport?

The distance between Miami Airport and Miami Beach is approximately 10 to 12 miles.