December Lake Ida Fishing Trips in Delray Beach, Florida

December Lake Ida Fishing Trips

It’s December in Florida and the weather is absolutely fantastic. Cool crisp mornings are the perfect way to wake up to get ready for an outdoor adventure. The bass fishing has been productive all day long for an abundance of different species. The fresh air will make all the difference in the quality of your vacation and time here in the beautiful sunshine. Enjoy some December Lake Ida fishing on your next visit!

One of the best ways to get in the outdoors is on a freshwater fishing charter. Lake Ida Fishing Trips are a magical way to explore urban bass fishing at it’s finest. Our local experts have years of experience that can help you get on the fish quickly. Whether you are just starting out or have more advanced knowledge, you can always learn something on our trips.

Check out this Lake Ida Chain of Lakes Fishing Report with our local experts:

Peter and his best friend John were traveling from Deland looking to enjoy the south Florida sunshine. While doing so, Florida bass fishing was on the menu. Peter is a real estate developer and John is in Medicine. Captain Robert E Miley had the pleasure of fishing with them on this amazing trip out on the Lake Ida Chain.

Peter and John went out fishing for 8-hours having a blast the whole time. Captain Miley showed them around and hit several different spots. The bass were congregating in 24-25 feet of water around the tops of trees and seawalls. The structure is always a great bet when looking to catch bass of any species.

Peter and John caught a lot of fish with over 30 bass in the boat. The biggest fish weighed in at 5 pounds. They moved around to find two spots that had numbers and big fish. After catching a bunch of numbers, they moved to their big fish spot landing them that giant bass.

It was an awesome trip for Peter and John. They enjoyed every minute of it, especially getting to see what South Florida is all about. One of the best feelings as a guide or captain is putting clients on quality fish that they never experienced before.

Captain Miley is looking forward to getting back out on the water with Peter and John soon!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Mike and his wife, came out to explore what south Florida had to offer. After traveling around Florida, fishing from the banks, they wanted to get out on the boat and catch some different species. Captain Kirk Osborne had the pleasure of taking them out on the water on this fishing trip!

While traveling from Sarasota, Lake Ida Chain of Lakes was very appealing to them. They had a great time catching peacock bass all trip long. It was a quick 4-hour fishing adventure. Mike’s wife was the one that caught the biggest fish with a peacock bass weighing over 4 pounds.

Peacock bass was the number one targeted species on this fishing trip and the trip was a success with several nice quality fish. Live bait was the preferred method in catching the peacock bass. Seawalls and docks were the main focal areas on this fishing trip.

Mike and his wife really enjoyed their time on our fishing vessels. When you get to fish from a boat, you get a whole different perspective when it comes to fishing.
Captain Kirk is looking forward to getting out on the water with them again soon!

Come Catch Yours TODAY in Palm Beach County, FL!

The Lake Ida Chain of Lakes has been fishing wonderfully. Warm weather and a great spawn this year kicked started growth for the peacock bass. Now is the opportunity to land a giant peacock
bass without having to travel to Miami, FL.

Palm Beach County has some great fishing to offer. Peacock bass or largemouth bass can show you everything Florida is all about. We hope that you get the chance to explore some freshwater fishing on your next vacation.

Bring your whole family aboard or loved ones for an outdoor adventure of a lifetime right here in sunny south Florida. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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