December Miami Lakes Fishing Report for Florida Peacock Bass

December Miami Lakes Fishing Report

One of the best destinations to visit here in south Florida is Miami, FL. There is just something about it that makes it such a draw for travelers across the world. Whether it is the sunshine, beaches, nightlife, or outdoor activities, you can have a lot of fun while visiting Miami. All you need is this December Miami Lakes Fishing Report to show you all the outdoor fun you can have.

Freshwater fishing, especially for Florida peacock bass is a great way to explore South Florida. Several locations are productive, but Miami Airport Lakes shines in its own light. A beautiful park and boat ramp with urban views make it a truly breathtaking experience.

Our local guides and experts will show you around this fishery. While you are here, you will get the chance to not only catch peacock bass but largemouth bass, cichlids, freshwater snook, jack crevalle and so much more. As well, you can enjoy watching manatees peacefully swim by.

In this December Miami Lakes Fishing Report, you will get the chance to see how the action has been. Changing conditions in the weather have caused some unpredictable patterns. Never worry, our local experts have years of experience to help you find and land that fish of a lifetime!

Miami Airport Lakes Fishing with Captain Robert Miley

Fishing with Boris

“I had the pleasure of fishing with Boris on this fishing trip. He was traveling from Allentown, Pennsylvania enjoying some Florida sun. While doing so, peacock bass fishing on Miami Airport Lakes was the move.

Being a retired surgeon, Boris just wanted to kick back and relax on this fishing trip. I got to show him around Airport Lakes. The fishing was steady all trip long. We moved around from spot to spot before finding the honey hole.

Some days, you just miss the prime feed. This was a 6-hour fishing trip that ran to 1 PM with a prime feed at 1:30 PM. Fortunate enough for Boris, he did not need a prime feed to find a GIANT Trophy Peacock Bass.

Boris started out catching several nice 2-pound peacock bass. As the trip went on, several more 2-3 pound range fish start coming in. Shortly after that, a beautiful 5-pound peacock bass was caught.

Just before the trip was completed, Boris landed another bass. This was the biggest of the day. It weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces. Boris did not even realize what he did. Most anglers would be beyond excited to land this fish.

Boris was in relaxation mode and catching fish was just the fun part.

I am looking forward to fishing with him again soon on his next visit to South Florida!” – Captain Bob Miley

Fishing with Joseph

“Shortly after my last trip, I was back out on the water of Miami Airport Lakes. This time, I had the pleasure of fishing with Joseph and his Dad. Some of my favorite trips are father and son teams.

This trip was an afternoon 4-hour fishing charter. Just like the last trip, the prime feed with this waning moon phase was later in the trip. It caused a slower action, but as always, we found them.

Joseph and his Dad caught some decent number of peacock bass on this fishing trip. After picking away at the fish. We moved to one of my big fish holes.

As time was slipping away, the father and son team got into some beautiful peacock bass. This fish breached 5 pounds making it a trophy for the Florida waters.

I was excited to see these guys have such a great time on the water. We love putting clients and travelers on big fish, it makes the day complete.

I am looking forward to fishing with Joseph and his Dad again soon!” – Captain Robert Miley

Come Visit Florida and Catch Yours Today

The peacock bass are biting and now is the time to explore the waters of Miami, FL. If you are traveling to this destination on your next visit, consider freshwater fishing. It is a lot of fun, especially when you land some big beautiful fish. This December Miami Lakes Fishing  helps give you an idea of what you can catch

Peacock bass will amaze you not only in strength but also with their colors. Vibrant peacock bass is the perfect holiday gift this season. Our local experts will work hard to get you on the fish you are after.

We hope to share a Miami Lakes Fishing Experience with you on your next visit to South Florida!

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