Directions to Peacock Bass Fishing Trips

Miami Airport Lakes

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5100 NW 7th Street, Miami, Fl 33126

Ft Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport Lakes – Google Maps

Aerojet Canal

Falls Mall System

Snapper Creek System

Holiday Everglades Park

Alligator Alley – MM35

Alligator Alley – MM41

Golden Canal System

Lake Ida

Lake Osborne

BJ’s Bait & Tackle

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BJ’ s Bait & Tackle Shop:
201 SW 125 Ave., Plantation, Florida 33325

Directions to Bait & Tackle Shop) Take I-595 west from (Ft Lauderdale). Take to the Flamingo Road exit. At the intersection of Flamingo Road and the access road (SR84), continue straight on the access intersection of Flamingo Road. Turn  100 yards after the intersection on SW 125 Avenue. Our tackle shop will be at the end of the road on the, this is where the boats disperse from each day. Always check in to make sure this is where we are meeting, in some cases, we may meet at the boat ramp. For more information on Peacock bass fishing!