Falls Canal Bass Fishing Trips in Miami, FL

Falls Canal Bass Fishing

Peacock bass fishing in Miami is one of the most exciting activities to embark on when visiting Florida. In order to get the full experience of Miami and Florida, you have to get outdoors into the urban wilderness. Cruise through the canals in search for an elusive Florida peacock bass. Falls Canal Bass Fishing Trips can really bring a different flavor and experience to your vacation.

The Miami Falls Canal System can be one of the most productive areas to go fishing in Miami. Peacock bass roam free there and can grow to record sizes. You never know what you can and will catch when fishing this beautiful place. As you are cruising down the canals, you can see the abundance of Florida wildlife and even possibly a wild crocodile. Just know that with your local expert, you are safe and no one will ever get hurt.

Captain Robert Miley has been fishing these canals for a very long time and knows every spot you need to in order to potentially catch that fish of a lifetime. Spending countless days on the water determining what techniques will be effective for your trip is his specialty. Let us shed a light on how the fishing can be when you adventure out with Captain Miley.

Jackson and Regina were traveling from Alabama on looking to catch some Florida peacock bass. They went out for a quick 4 hour fishing trip on a beautiful South Florida day. Bass fishing in Miami will surprise you and keep you on your toes. You never know what you will catch and when it will strike. Patience is a big part to peacock bass fishing.

The bite can be slower when bass fishing in Miami. Everything rapidly changes as the sun gets warmer and brighter. Water and air temperatures were high on this fishing trip reaching into the 90s. During these raining months, the water will rise and fall. Peacock bass generally don’t like this fluctuation and will remain deeper in the water column. If you patiently wait them out, you will find that fish!

Jackson and Regina had a great day on the water. It was a slower day but they still made the best out of it landing 6 quality peacock bass. Jackson brought in the biggest bass weighing 5.5 pounds! He was thoroughly excited to get to feel the fight from this incredible fish. When you visit Miami and want to go bass fishing, this is what you should be going after.

Captain Miley is looking forward to fishing with them again in the future next time they are visiting from Alabama!

It was not long after this incredible fishing adventure that Gene and his friend Lee came out bass fishing on the Falls Canal System. It was another beautiful day on the water leading to some excellent action. Gene and Lee are great friends that were traveling from Texas. Gene works in financial services and Lee works in Irrigation. They love to get away from things every once and while and catch some quality bass.

Gene and Lee embarked on a quick 4 hour afternoon bass fishing adventure. It was very relaxing for them to travel through this urban waterway knowing they were going to land some quality bass. Luckily, they dodged the rain and stayed dry on this fishing trip. It turned out to be a gorgeous day on the water. They got to experience a great day of fishing.

Gene and Lee landed 10 quality peacock bass. Most of the fish ranged from 2-3 pounds. You truly can’t beat the action here. We love when friends come out and enjoy a day of bass fishing. Captain Miley is looking forward to getting hooked up with them again in Miami, FL!

Don’t miss out on your chance to catch some of these feisty critters. Peacock bass are hard-fighting and extremely fun to catch. If you would like to come catch some of these urban bass, let’s get you hooked up on a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

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About Capt Robert Miley started bass fishing in the Florida Everglades.
The very first trip out he caught a 10lb 0/8 o/z largemouth bass, and has been fishing for bass ever since. Robert Miley has been fishing professionally on the B.A.S.S. Eastern Division, for the past 7 years. He also is the Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff representative for South Florida. Versatile in that he fishes for Peacock bass as well as trophy largemouth on Lake Okeechobee.

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