Miami FL Falls Canal System Fishing Charters

Miami, Fl, falls waterway is the original location the state of Florida stocked the exotic Peacock bass; we have been doing charters in the Falls Mall location since the late 80s. This is an excellent place for catching big peacocks in the Miami Falls canal system. The South Florida canal system contains butterfly peacock bass and largemouth bass in many freshwater waters.

Adventure along the absolutely breathtaking urban waterways while watching endless Florida wildlife and hooking up with the most powerful fish in Florida! If you want an outdoor experience, look closer to Miami Falls canal system fishing charters.

Miami Falls Canal Fishing Trip

Prices are based on the number of people and the length of the trip. View the breakdown on our online booking system, click the above instant book buttons. Change the number of people who plan on going, and the current pricing of peacock bass fishing will display.

Once peacock bass fishing is reserved online, you will receive immediate email and text confirmation. Your captain will contact you the afternoon before the scheduled trip about all the detail of catching trophy peacock bass.

Targeted Species

Peacock Bass is the primary species, although there are lots of primary bi-catch like largemouth bass that you will catch on the fishing adventure. Take a boat ride on a professionally equipped peacock bass boat with the best safety equipment to enjoy a relaxing fishing charter. You are always one life-long cast away from catching trophy peacock bass when fishing the Miami Falls Canal System.

Can you Fish in Miami Canals?

Cruise along canals to find elusive Florida peacock bass is allowed and legal if you have a Florida fishing license. The Fall Canal system fishing does have lots of no-wake zones. While homeowners post these, they are not official laws.

It is still best to ideal, to help support the fishery, and safety is a big factor in these world-famous waters. A bass fishing trip can genuinely enhance your vacation experience. The Miami Falls Canals are considered a good location for fishing around Miami for peacock bass.

What kind of fish are in the Miami Falls Canal?

This is freshwater fishing, sometimes confused by anglers because it’s Miami and so close to saltwater. The exotic species consists of Oscars, Midas Cichlid, Mayan Cichlid, Blue Tilapia, and Jaguar Guapote, which live in the Miami Falls Canal alongside a small scattered population of crappie and catfish.

All part of what you will see while you catch peacock bass in South Florida!

What bait to use in Miami Canals?

Live shiners are the most effective bait for peacock bass fishing and largemouth bass. They also provide a big catch in many productive areas with local experts for tarpon and others in urban canals.

Are you allowed to Fish in Canals in Florida?

Tons of canals run across Miami that can be accessed from the Miami Falls canal system. The system is public access and only requires a Florida fishing license, common sense, and respect for others.

As mentioned prior, the area is complicated and better suited for highly experienced anglers. To ensure a wonderful day for the entire outing when you visit Miami, it’s best to use a local expert, a knowledgeable guide like Robert Miley, for your fishing adventure.

How deep is the canal of Miami?

Usually, the canals in the Miami area have steep vertical edges made of coral rock reaching 20 feet in depth. The average depth is about 10 feet, but again it varies based on the canal you are in, as they are all different.

Can you fish in Miami Canals?

You can fish the canals by foot, kayak, or boat. The boat ramp access is limited, so fishing local bridges can be the best spots to land bucket list tarpon, snook, or peacock bass for your next fishing adventure.

The freshwater fishing for Florida peacock bass in the Falls Canal system creates a fun adventure for a great day, no matter how you elect to experience it.

Where is the best place to go Peacock bass fishing?

South Florida Miami Falls provides an easy choice for peacock bass fishing in the continental USA. The local experts fish all year; the warm weather is great for fish and perfect photos.

Similarly, there are other great locations in Miami to catch peacock bass, as well as Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Naples providing a great variety of opportunities.