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Ben’s Ringer on Lake Osborne

Ben's Ringer on Lake Osborne & Lake Ida Hello, this is Captain Jason Young with your Lake Osborne Fishing report. I had the pleasure of Fishing with Peter, Bonnie and Ben this week. We had a great time using Domestic Shiners. Here is a picture of Bonnie with our...

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Tough and smart

Hello this is Captain Robert E. Miley and I am just leaving Airport Lakes* - Miami...Blue Lagoon. It is 92 degrees outside, the wind is blowing. We had an awesome day in the water...peacocks are definitely biting. If you would like to come down to florida and catch...

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Inshore slam

This is Captain Robert E. Miley with your May 9th, 2015 Airport Lakes - Miami fishing report. Today I had a 6-hour trip, fishing was slow for almost three hours. No wind the first couple of hours and then it started to blow and fish started to bite. The Mike Bansi...

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