Jeff and Debbie were on their way to get on a Cruise Ship


Take a Fishing Trip before you get on a Cruise Ship

Hello, this is Captain Doug Jansen with my fishing report from October 26th,

Today’s report is from Lake Ida in Palm Beach County. My guess we’re Jeff Patterson and his wife Debbie from Memphis, Tennessee. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, it was 80 degrees with a light wind and nothing but Florida Sunshine. Today’s adventure found us targeting mostly Peacock bass, we did have a few large bass mixed in the catch. We caught several of both species using live shiners, we additionally fished with jerk-baits and rattle traps while using artificial lures.

Jeff and Debbie were on their way to get on a cruise ship and thought they would maximize their down time with a shore excursion to experience some of Florida’s best fishing.

They had a great time and we hope to see him again real soon.

So until next time, keep those lines high and tight…this is Bass Fishing Florida with your daily fishing report.

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