Introduction to Peacock Bass

If you have never fished for a Peacock bass, we hope this piques your interest enough to take your first venture into the urban areas of Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Naples Florida. The fish are simply fantastic trophy fish for any angler. We have had thousands of clients in search of Peacock bass and we would be delighted if you would allow us to make your fishing experience, a lifetime dream trip with one of our Peacock bass fishing guides.

Peacock Bass

Introduction to Peacock bassThey are Native to the Amazon of South America, the peacock bass was first introduced into the lakes and canals of South Florida in the 80s by the Florida Freshwater Game and Fish Commission. Because of an inherent intolerance to the cold, South Florida is the only location in the continental United States where Peacock bass has been successfully stocked.

No one is more knowledgeable of the Peacock bass than our CEO and Founder Capt. Todd Kersey, a seasoned guide and native of South Florida. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, he was part of the process of bringing the species to the USA. Years later they started fishing for them with the finest equipment (Ranger boats, Nitro boats, Mercury motors, Abu Garcia Rods, Penn rods, and Abu Revo Reels, Penn reels.

Customers experienced, clean-cut, dependable, thrust-worthy guides while flocking to South Florida to try their luck at the mighty Peacock bass. Service with a smile and customers have appreciated the trips!

So whether you’re looking for a vacation GET-A-WAY or to become the next IGFA record holder, our guide service can help. We strive to create an atmosphere that invites experienced anglers as well as novices or beginners at best!

If you searching for the appropriate guide servicing South Florida, take into consideration all of these factors and look around our site, where the testimonials are real, the photos are up-to-date, and the fishing is extreme!

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