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Link Exchange, Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in linking to one of the Bass Online family of web sites. The following Terms and Conditions explain the Bass Online. Link Exchange Program policy. Your (“Applicant”) participation in the Link Exchange Program requires email confirmation that you agree with these Terms and Conditions. Bass OnLine reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions without notice to Applicant. It is Applicant’s responsibility to visit this page to confirm any changes.


  • Applicant’s site must be finished. No sites “under construction” will be considered.
  • Applicant’s site must not be down for more than 48 hours at one time, must not have any dead links, or images that do not load. A site that is down at a later date or a reciprocal link found “missing” on a site at a later date, will result in removal of the site’s submitted link, should the error not be corrected to Bass satisfaction.
  • Applicant’s URL must not be a direct sponsor link.
  • Applicant’s site must not contain redirects.
  • Applicant’s site must link directly to one of our URL’s. (,,,,, Bass
  • The Applicant’s placement of the link, shall not be placed so as to imply a relationship or affiliation with Bass or imply any endorsement of a product.
  • The Bass OnLine trademarks, including but not limited to,,,,,, and, all copyrighted materials, shall not be used without explicit written authorization from BassOnLine.
  • Applicant agrees that it has never used any questionable techniques that might be considered “link farms” or an overt attempt at spamming and that its site is spam-free.
  • Applicant agrees that it has the authority to represent the website in the exchange of links with BassOnLine.
  • Applicant must have all necessary rights to operate its site and to use the domain name of, and content that is included in, that site.
  • Bass OnLine requires that Applicants not copy any materials from its sites to another location unless previously authorized. This ensures the accuracy and integrity of the information BassOnLine publishes.

Site Review and Notification:

  • Before acceptance of Applicant’s link, Bass OnLine will review Applicant’s site for acceptable content (in its sole opinion) and such other information that Bass OnLine may deem pertinent. Applicant’s site must not contain any pornographic material, hate speeches, hacking.
  • If the Applicant’s site is approved, Applicant’s site may be posted within ten (10) days along with a notification to Applicant by email.
  • Applicant agrees to have posted a reciprocal link to one of the above URL’s before applicants site will be approved for a link exchange.
  • Bass OnLine reserves the right to deny or remove Applicant’s site link at any time.
  • Upon Bass OnLine’s request, the reciprocal link must be removed from the Applicant’s site within three (3) workings days of the request.

Bass OnLine:

  • Bass OnLine reserves the right to update its site from time to time.
  • Bass OnLine reserves the right to periodically revise this policy. Such revisions will be posted but no direct notice shall be provided to Applicant or Applicants.
  • Bass On-Line reserves the right to take action against any Applicant or Applicant’s company whose use does not conform to these Terms and Conditions, infringes on any Bass On-Line’s intellectual property or other rights, or violates applicable law.

Any questions concerning our link policy’s should be sent, via email .

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