Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Charter Adventure- The Falls

Peacock Bass Fishing Charter

Miami is a place you must travel to when you come to Florida. It has so much to offer, especially its amazing fisheries. From freshwater to salt, you can fulfill your fantasy of Florida Fishing. Dave, A Minnesota Native was in for a Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Charter Adventure at the Falls.

The Miami Peacock Bass are one fish you just have to catch. From their amazing colors to their abundant fight power, it is like no other bass. They always keep the adventure exciting and more appealing. You cannot come to Miami and not fish for these elusive peacock bass.
Right off the bat, the fish were really active. We caught them up all trip long with 15 fish in the first 90 minutes. The biggest fish came later on in the day.

We decided to change things up a bit and keep the bite going with top water. The day went on quick and then something awesome happened. As Dave was throwing the top water, he got a huge explosion on it. He got startled, set the hook and held on for a fight of his lifetime. He brought in a 6 lb trophy female peacock bass.

What an amazing day at the Falls. I could not have asked for a better one. I am looking forward to their trip with me in the Everglades soon.

Tight Lines!!

Come Catch Your beautiful Peacock Bass Today!

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Captain Kirk started in 1969 when my father started taking us to the Everglades to go fishing. First it was small panfish, but then one of my best memories. It was when my dad took an old worm(motor oil green) off of his hook and put it on my pole I caught a 4 pounder and it was then i was hooked on Bass Fishing.

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