Peacock Bass Fishing Report – Florida 5-31-2008


Today was a very eventful day fishing for Peacock bass in South Florida. I fished with Bill & Rodney from the Jacksonville, Florida area. They are avid fishermen, Rodney fishes mostly for largemouth bass, while Bill fishes mainly for trout and redfish. Both are retired U.S. Navy and we were honored to have them pick as there very first fishing guide service experience.

They had heard about the hard fighting Peacock bass through one of our T.V. show that aired recently. So, with a five hour drive from Jacksonville, FL they decided to stay the night near the fishing lake at the Miami Airport Hilton to get an early start. Knowing they wanted to experience the full realm of what the Florida Peacock bass had to offer, we decided to fish a complete 12+ hour full day of fishing.

I picked them up early and headed south to one of my favorite peacock bass holes. Started off with top water, of course…and three cast later Rodney had a 3 1/2 pound peacock just destroy his lure. As you can guess this started the day out right as we continued to adjust lure presentation and fish the rest of the Miami water system. With the idea that we were fishing the hole day, I want to give these guys a treat…really make the trip an adventure. So, we pulled the boat out and headed to one of my favorite T.V. filming holes where things only could continue to get better.

After catching several on top-water, hard jerk baits and live-bait we decided to move again to area called Snapper creek to finish out the day. The day ended with a little fury, as Bill lost a giant Peacock bass on topwater…not his fault, the fish just pulled off the hooks. These fish do that kind of thing, they have an incredible head shake when there hooked with unbelievable speed.

When I asked, “how many fish did we catch today”…they replied, I have no idea…a lot. Then Rodney replied, “I know I missed 15 to 20 myself” as he laughed and we all agreed.

Good day of fishing, with a good couple of guys. Hopefully, when they return we can even make it better next time.

If you are interested to trying your luck at the mighty Peacock bass or largemouth bass fishing in Central or South Florida, give me a call or send me an email.

I look forward to talking fishing with all of you!

Tight Lines,
Capt Todd

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