Peacock Bass Fishing

If you have gotten this far, you have got to continue the hunt for going Peacock bass fishing. We hope this will peak your interest even more, maybe enough to take your first venture into the urban Miami Lakes of Florida for this fantastic fish.Florida Peacock Bass Fishing
The fact that you have continued entered this website demonstrates you share our enthusiasms for peacock bass fishing. Our objective is to offer the most specialized site on the internet pertaining to these fish. Florida’s toughest freshwater species, the peacock bass, hard-hitting strikes, aerial jumps and line-stripping runs make it the ultimate game fish for both the beginner or expert angler wanting to fly, artificial or live bait fish.

Peacock bass coupleIt’s often said by many customers, “it’s the best bass fishing has to offer, it has the aggressive instincts of a largemouth and longevity and head shake of the smallmouth”, what more could you possibly want!

Therefore Peacock Bass are ready and willing to viciously attack just about any type lure or bait, especially if retrieved in a lively manner. And they just love to attack and destroy streamers and poppers. It is not uncommon to catch thirty fish or more per day. Once hooked the Peacock puts on a spectacular show that is second to none. As you can see by the pictures they are a beautiful fish marked with iridescent hues of yellow, orange, green, and blue.

If your searching for a fun fishing trip with guaranteed results, take into consideration all of these factors and look around our site, where the testimonials are real, the photos are up-to-date, and the fishing is extreme!

We guarantee it with a NO FISH, NO PAY policy!

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